Looking back at AEM Summer Hackathon

The first international Namics. The atmosphere was the best of the year. Let’s take a look at the action and some of the impressive projects!

Kick off

Employees from all across the different Named locations have a lot of fun with the team.

Teams and projects

After the kickoff, teams started to work on projects.  

Team Hystrix & Obelix,  developed  an easy-to-use solution.



Team  μ   performed an analysis of the viability of Apache Sling in comparison to other frameworks. @SMS improved the open source cq component plugin which is the AEM components Java classes. The Resolvers  created a real multitenant AEM system with the Sling Resource Resolver capabilities. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the AEM  and Blue Man Group is  focused on enhancing internal naming training projects and project blueprints.  

End of the day – Pizza Time

No one can code on an empty stomach. Coders have been able to keep up with the progress of the food, drink, a healthy dose of optimism and what is most important with a great time together!

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